My new Google Plus - Backup copy of my Google+ profile at Gogle Plus dot com:

Because Google shutting down Google+ for consumers, i have made full copy of my profile posts in Google Plus and upload it here. So, this will be my new Google+ :) For more information about Google Plus shut down, click here. To check my Google Plus profile click here. Bulgarian version of site here.

Eduard Dimitrov - Google Plus profile

So, what's the reason to create

I created this site so as not to go in the wind all my hard work put into all my posts in Google Plus. I was one of the big fans of Google Plus, one of its first users - you can see how many posts I have in this social network right from 2011.

And at one point, Google told me that my work would go to the trash and will shut up Google Plus??? Then I made a copy of all my publications on this social network and downloaded it. If you want to make a copy of your Google Plus account, read this guide. If anyone needs help how to download your Google+ data and how to make website from your Gplus posts, contact me on phone (+359)898615736.

Then I said to myself: Why do not I make a site from this copy? So at least all these posts, photos, and useful links will be indexable and will benefit from them. Since I am very busy with my work in 3D Web Design and other my projects, I tried to make the site with a minimum of effort - yes, this site was created for less than two working hours. And you see and read the result.

All content is here: folder 1, folder 2, folder 3 - as is downloaded from Google Takeout. You can read every post or to see and download every picture. I hope something from the content of my posts over the years is useful to you.

PC And let's not forget: I remove nofollow from all posts, so all links would carry their full strength.

Good luck to everyone!